Training Plans

Velo Performance Downloadable Cycling Training Plans

When you are training for an event, it's really important to follow a structured plan. Not only does can it motivate you and help you push yourself further in sessions, it can also ensure you are not doing too much, and have enough recovery time. Our downloadable cycling training plans are all put together by Iuri Jorge, head coach and founder of Velo Performance, with 6 years experience in the professional peloton. Choose from a range of instantly downloadable cycling training plans to suit you. Each plan will come available as an easy PDF file.

8 Week Base Cycling Training Plan

Winter phase training plan which will slowly build up your strength and stamina. Suitable for all levels.

12 Week "1 Day Classics" Cycling Training Plan

"One day Classics" training plan tailored for cyclists with a specific classic-style race to prepare for. The plan focusses on building up strength and endurance along with bursts of sustained speed which is what you require in tough Classic races. The plan in structured to have the race at the end of the 12 weeks. Suitable for Medium-Advanced level cyclists.

12 Week Sportive Cycling Training Plan

For cyclists training for a long endurance event such as a Sportive. This plan focusses on pacing, stamina and endurance - the top qualities you need to put out a great time in your next sportive. The plan is designed with your race at the end of the 12 weeks. For all levels of cyclist.

10 Week Track Cycling Training Plan (for beginners)

For cyclists in their first or second year on the track who need some structured training for their races. This plan is designed for beginners doing Scratch, Points and Elimination races, rather than TT or Sprint races. 

8 Week Time Trial Cycling Training Plan

This plan is developed to improve your sustained power over a prolonged period of time, to get you the best TT result possible. Best suited to 10km/10m TT - 25km/m TT's in terms of distance. Suitable for all levels of cyclist

8 Week Criterium Cycling Training Plan

Crit or circuit races are all about turns of speed and this plan focusses on just that. Designed to help you cope with sudden increases and decreases in speed over a period of around 1-2hrs. This plan will keep you ahead of your rivals and improve your results without doubt! For all levels of cyclists.

Bespoke Cycling Training Plan

The ultimate personalised training plan for individual cyclists based on the time they have available to train, their goals and their ability level. This is the perfect opportunity to recieve a cycling training plan you can trust,  created and customized training plan for you by one of our experienced coaches. This way you know the plan is acheiveable to complete and is directly in line with your aims.