Velo Performance Online Coaching

Everyone is unique. And every training plan should be too

If you are looking for a cycling mentor with passion and desire for the best performance then you are in the right place. We can advise you with your targets, analyse your data weekly or daily, program your training and race schedule with you and provide you a unique training plan to fit around your daily life. 

Velo Performance's goal is to coach you so that your body can adapt, get stronger and fitter to reach your very best in this tough sport. Velo Performance provides professional, high quality cycle coaching services for everyone, from rookie to professional. We can coach you for the road, time-trials, track racing, cross-country and all other cycling specialties, including off-season cross fit training.


"The human body is an incredible well-oiled machine where the best performances come from the most efficient and well balanced adaptation to training. I believe that all cyclists should have an opportunity to perform their best! With our online cycling coaching packages we offer an option for all levels of cyclist."

- Iúri Jorge, Head Coach





Velo Performance Head Coach, Iúri Jorge

Professional cyclist for 6 years, Iúri Jorge also has a Degree in Sports Science, specialising in Cycling High Performance Training. He believes everyone deserves the chance to perform their best, so his mission in Velo Performance is to coach, teach and mentor all his coached cyclists and get them to achive their full potential.


"You are a great coach and someone who I wish I had found earlier!"

- Rosie Lethbridge, Coached Athlete