Velo Performance are proud to announce our 2020 elite women's cycling team

We are proud to introduce our 2020 international women’s racing team - a selection of very talented riders from around Europe.

Abi Smith

Amy Gornall

Charlotte Berry


Daniela Campos

Ellie Mackman

Emma Edwards

Fiona Hunter Johnston

Florence Thomas

Lucy O'Donnell

2020 Vision

Velo Performance will create an elite women’s performance team for the 2020 road season.
Our aim is to create a team that runs in the same way as a professional team, with professional standards. Cyclists and coaches will work together to create a structured training program for the season ahead to get the best performance out of each cyclist. With Velo Performance, riders will have the chance to learn new skills, teamwork strategies and tactics that are vital for success in the races. We are very excited with the line up that we have for 2020 - each rider will have a valued role within Velo Performance Racing and we will work with individuals to develop their natural abilities and maximize their potential as the season progresses.


Velo Performance

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Bye Sports Nutrition

JC Fitness

Verge Sports

Support the Team

Every penny of support we receive goes towards our yearly race budget - covering travel costs, accommodation, race entry and kit and equipment. Also if you would like to sponsor the team please email us directly for sponsorship opportunities.

Our Staff:


Iuri Jorge

Team Manager & Performance Director

With a degree in Sports Science and UCI Level 3 coach from the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation as well as 8 years of experience racing professionally, Iúri is the founder and mentor of the project.


Pedro Branco


Pedro is a hugely valued member of our team, helping us at races in the car, nutrition support as well as advisor and mentor.


Vanessa Branco

Strength and Conditioning Coach

With a physical education and sport degree, Vanessa works with the team both in and out of competition with their physical preparation.


Janette Cardy

Mindset Coach

With over 20 years experience as a coach and fantastic athlete in her own right, Janette is a vital part of the team, providing support and guidance to all of our team so that they can perform at their very best.

Our Foundations

At the end of 2018 Velo Performance formed a new women's cycling team for 2019 season, with a competitive national and internacional calendar.

In March 2019 the team won it's debut race and has gone to win another 16 races through the season, including the Overall Classification of the Portuguese Cup, and the Overall Classification (individual and team) of the British National Criterium Series.

The key goals of Velo Performance are to educate the cyclists, developing their individual skills and encouraging their passions to be the best they can be. On top of this to give each cyclist the experience of being part of a supportive and well structured team.